WiFi UniFi Controller
for central management of access points


WiFi UniFi Controller

It is a very compact device with software installed that allows remote management of all units of access points, switches or Unifi routers.

Thanks to this device, you no longer need to install UniFi Controller on desktop PCs or servers with much higher power consumption.

The manufacturer does not define a precise limit on the number of manageable UniFi devices, but should be designed to serve up to 1000 active users connected to adapted devices.

  • Procesor: 1.2-1.4GHz (Cortex-A53) 4x Core
  • Memory: 1024MB DDR2 Ram
  • Storage: 16-64GB Industrial microSD
  • Network: Gigabit Ethernet (100/300/1000Mbps)
  • Ports: 2-4x USB 2.0, 0-2x USB 3.0


of the WUcPi product model v1


Comprehensive wireless network overview, detailed analysis, RF monitoring and device mapping.


Multi-Site management of access points, routers and UniFi switches.


Detailed RF performance analysis, wireless infrastructure throughput reporting.


Monitoring of important internal services and processes with autonomous repair.


Backup of configuration files with defined retention and periodicity.